Ebony and Ivory wedding planning and the meaning of life.

So today I got inspired by a bloody great mate called Little Foot. Her real name is Crystal but we all call her Little Foot because she’s only four foot tall, and has a mouth like a dirty sailor.

Little Foot is funny without meaning to. She’s straight up. She’s one of those arseholes who will gleefully stab your perfectly poached eggs before you get a chance to touch them just to see your reaction. To some she’s a hard bitch, but to the ones that know her well, we know her filthy mouth and sense of humour reflects the intensity of her love and joy in an ironic moronic sort of way.

Little Foot recently started a wedding planner business called Ebony and Ivory with her mate Rose. One is an ebony colour and one is an ivory colour.  Little Foot and Rose quite like puns, hence the name of their business.

What I got inspired by was that Little Foot wanted to be a wedding planner since she was a little girl. I never knew that. She never told a soul. And recently she took the bold step and started her dream job as a business owner and wedding planner, and she is so happy. I hear the happiness screaming out of her pores, and I tell you, that feeling can totally rub off on you if you allow yourself to receive it. Its a bloody great feeling.

It isn’t that her business is making a million dollars that created her happiness. It is that she gave herself permission to create the career that she actually desired, not the career that she fell into, or had been in for years because she had been told she was good at it.

When I think of her journey, I am reminded of a story I once heard. Imagine that you are driving down the highway in the dark. You want to get to Wellington but you are pretty far away, lets just say Auckland. The thing is, when you get on the highway, you aren’t going to be able to see the whole road. You just trust that somewhere along the way, you will see signs that will tell you that you’re heading to Wellington (or you are going the wrong way). The thing is, you don’t need to see the WHOLE highway before you leave. You just trust that you will use the signposts as directed and you will get to where you want to be.

And in this case, this is exactly what inspires me about my friend Little Foot. She’s not expecting to see the whole road. She hasn’t mapped it all out. She’s just reading each signpost as it turns up, follows the path that feels most right for her and is having a fantastic time along the way.

Bloody good shit I say.

But aside from having about 15 years of event and management experience, my mate does not fuck around when it comes to weddings. She is the main instigator of all crazy adventures and its about time she shared that crazy with the world.

Thanks for inspiring me today Little Foot. Because of our great conversation today, I have written my first blog, step one to my own dream of being an actual author and writer. While I have been a fierce diary writer since I was about 5 years old, there is something powerfully different about writing with the intention to be read, rather than writing to brain dump in a book that won’t ever be seen by another human soul.

So for all of you who want to check out the type of crazy awesome that my crazy awesome mate is dishing up, check out her website at https://www.ebonyivoryevents.com and her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EbonyandIvoryEvents.

Thanks everyone.


P.s. For those of you who actually know Little Foot and have experienced her reign of terror, I dare you to tag her in all those fucked up Facebook photos of situations you somehow ended up on as a result of being in her presence. How I ended up riding a wheelie bin down a sand dune with a garden gnome in a different country is still beyond me. And yes bro, I still have the photo’s.




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